21st & 22nd February, 2024

Venue: Room HS4, Physics Building, Georg-August-Universität, Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1, 37077 Göttingen. [Map link]

The programme for the meeting is as below. External invited talks are 45 minutes, those from within the collaboration are 25 minutes. In both cases, this time is inclusive of questions. The coffee and lunch breaks should be used for extensive discussions.

Thanks to the Lufthansa strike, the programme has had to be changed at the last minute to accommodate the delayed arrival of the Edinburgh contingent.

Unfortunately some attendees have not been able to travel this time: talks marked with the 🧑🏾‍💻 symbol will be presented remotely. Zoom link

Tuesday 20th February

For those arriving in Göttingen on 20th February, we have booked a table at Mazzoni restaurant at 7pm. (Note earlier time than previously advised)

Wednesday 21st February

Room HS4 is on the ground floor and should be signposted from the main entrance to the building.

9.15Richard Blythe
Peter Sollich
9.25Chase BroederszAmsterdamLearning the dynamics and interaction of moving cells
10.10Mehdi BouzidGrenobleBranched actin networks 🧑🏾‍💻
10.35Andrej VilfanMPI-DSNonreciprocal interactions give rise to fast cilium synchronisation in finite systems
11.30Benoît MahaultMPI-DSDynamical pattern formation in a model of self-propelled particles with nonreciprocal quorum-sensing interactions
11.55Johannes ZierenbergMPI-DSCycloactive matter
12.20Viola PriesemannMPI-DSChaos in epidemic dynamics
1.45Liesbeth JanssenEindhovenGlassy physics in active and living matter
2.30David ZwickerMPI-DSNonideal pattern formation
2.55Peter SollichGöttingenIntermittent relaxation and avalanches in extremely persistent active matter
3.50Jonas IsenseeMPI-DSShape dependence of collective behaviour in simulations of growing particles
4.15Ramin GolestanianMPI-DSSelf-organization of primitive metabolic cycles and shape-shifting complexes due to non-reciprocal interactions

The session will close at 4.40pm.

Following the session a walking tour will commence at 5.45pm, starting from the main market square in Göttingen. For those staying at the hotel, a taxi will depart from the car park at 5.30pm.

Dinner is at 8pm (note later time than originally advertised) at Apex.

Thursday 22nd February

Room HS4 is on the ground floor and should be signposted from the main entrance to the building.

9.15Hugues ChatéCEA SaclayTheoretical understanding of emergence in living systems: some personal remarks
10.00Bartek WaclawEdinburghPhase separation in a model of growing and motile active matter
10.25Richard BlytheEdinburghIntermittency in flocking
11.20Tyler ShendrukEdinburghSpontaneous self-constraint in active nematic flows
11.45Zarah ValeiEdinburghDynamics of polymers in active nematic liquid crystal
12.10Martin EvansEdinburghA sluggish random walk with subdiffusive spread
12.35John SunilEdinburghCost of stochastic resetting
2.00Claudio MaggiSapienzaMicron-scale active matter: going out of equilibrium (and coming back) 🧑🏾‍💻
2.45Patrick PietzonkaEdinburghEnergetic cost for the emergence of time-periodic behaviour
3.10Stefan KlumppGöttingenAn escape problem in magnetotactic motility
4.00Discussion of next steps & farewell

The workshop will close at 5pm.